Marcellin College Hermitage Building

New Learning Centre & Specialist Science Laboratories, 160 Bulleen Road, Bulleen VIC

6,600 m² / $20 million
Project Management & Superintendent Services

Montlaur has worked in partnership with Marcellin College since 2014 to develop a 10-year masterplan strategy to unlock the College’s potential through redefining precincts and creating next-generation learning and social spaces.

Focussed on a strategic approach to align with the College’s vision, goals and objectives and to deliver facilities in the most cost-effective and efficient manner, the masterplan guides development through to 2025 and beyond.

Hermitage, the foundation building located in the heart of the campus, is the critical first stage of the masterplan. Integrating the refurbishment of adjoining building Marist House with a new purpose-built multi-level extension, the facility provides a diverse range of teaching and learning environments, staff
zones, social spaces, central atrium and a dedicated Wurundjeri indigenous garden.

With the new-build construction recently completed, the project team is directed towards the final stage of refurbishment.