Monash University Hargrave-Andrew Library Retail

Retail Tenancy Fitout, Building 30, Clayton Campus VIC

$3.5 million
Project Management & Superintendent Services

This building is part of the Retail Vision and Strategy Masterplan for the University. The vision for this area is to be a destination meeting space and relaxed sanctuary offering a safe and secure environment.

This is a unique environment that the University is utilising to promote quality operators with the intention for the space to become a significant retail precinct on campus. The location will aim to encourage student engagement with seating arrangements that foster group discussions and presentations while providing visitors with a quality eating experience. The space also presents the opportunity to adapt into a commercial venue available for hire (with the proposal for a liquor licence).

The project is being designed concurrent with the College Walk Masterplan.

Construction is scheduled to commence mid 2016 with the facility open to the public in October 2016.