Sportsbet Melbourne

Tenancy Fitout, 367 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC

5,500 m² / $7.5 million
Project Management & Superintendent Services

Sportsbet ( has been established for over 15 years as Australia’s premier internet betting and entertainment website.

Sportsbet consolidated their existing tenancy within 367 Collins Street over 5 continuous floors incorporating open plan accommodation, meeting spaces and breakout areas. The intertenancy stair spans across all five levels improving connectivity and drawing staff towards a large, collaborative entertainment zone on the central floor.

Having been in their new premises since August 2013, the fitout has provided staff with a functional and exciting workplace reflective of the vibrant e-commerce culture.

Following the successful completion of this project, Montlaur’s relationship with Sportsbet has continued with the delivery of further fitout works to accommodate ever-changing requirements.